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Soundcloud discovers new music and connect creators to listeners

Today we are making it easier than ever to discover what’s next in music , first on soundcloud. With 180 million tracks and millions of artists to discover sometimes soundcloud can feel like a big place to explore. On soundcloud your personalized discovery playlists connecting you with more creators and more music than ever before. Soundcloud weekly is an algorithmically based playlist that looks at the music you’ve listened to , liked, reposted and shared and then makes recommendations on what you may like to hear next.

Giving listeners and creators more ways to connect is what soundcloud is more about, and soundcloud weekly connects more creators with new listeners than playlist on any other audio platform. On soundcloud we can listen, like, share ,repost the content. An important aspect of soundcloud is the communitywe have, the following other members is a great way to find a new music and audio to listen to when you follow another user their new tracks, playlists and reposts will be displayed in your stream as soon as they are posted or unloaded. This makes its easy to stay up to date with your favourite artist and labels. Artists like Cuppy, Che Lingo, Kehlani, Baby Rose and Lil Tecca and many big artists used soundcoud to be their initial debut platform.

Promote on soundcloud is a self service promotional tool that all us to put our music in front of soundcloud’s enormous community to help you get more exposure for your music and drive more interaction with your listeners. The result you will get that your promoted track will be highly visible, at the top of your target Audience’s homepage and stream where listeners will have a better opportunity to discover your music to make your profile stand out two thing need to happen:

Master your talent and put in the effort to gain visibility on your sound.

Repost by soundcloud is made for artist that want to expand their audience beyond soundcloud. Repost by soundcloud enables artists and labels to distribute their music, grow their audience, and make money from their music on soundcloud. Repost by soundcloud feature helps to grow your career and earn money.

Sharing your soundcloud profile to all your social networks online with further expand your fan base. One good turn deserves another, so make sure to do the same on your social networks, make your soundcloud profile stand out on your blog, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Take advantage of your profile and track descriptions to give an introduction about you and your work, tell a story and tell people to click the repost button if they like your content, you can say him/her to share, like and repost my track. Encouraging people to share your music will result in more shares than not telling them to do so, and this will lead to more followers. Theartistpeomotion help to increase your fanbase by sharing your song on all social media platform. We have lots of engagement groups, artist song share in all the groups.

You've put in the work in the studio, poured hours of passion into your craft and now you're ready to take the next step.

Provide your music in front of right listeners will take you to next level.


1. Make a great music.

2. Create organized playlist.

3. Use creative artwork.

4. Take initiative and promote your music it’s easy way to get new audience.

5. Share your music with genre and mood tags.

6. Connect your all social media account with soundcloud.

7. Interact with others while logged into your artist account.

8. Reply to all comments. Regularly update your profile and respond to comments.

9. Collabrate with other artists, musicians/band to get more exposure.

10. Reposting tracks will create another notification, getting you extra attention, and possibly prompting a reciprocal reposting of one of your tracks.

Sharing your soundcloud profile to all your social networks online will further expand your fan base. You get the chance to discover connect with and support more creators worldwide.

Theartistpromotion promote your music and improve your stats and help to reach you to

new listeners.


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