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Meet Rising Rapper Daemon

In beginning of his rapper journey he was so bad he couldn't remember how to recite a rap after he wrote it, his boys let him rap with them only because he would skip lunch daily and spend whatever money he saved on studio time. It didn't matter to him, though he was hooked. Music has always had such a profound effect on him, he was determined to learn how to have that effect on others. His first release was Goldtape.

His latest releases are:

“You’ll never be the one like me,” Daemon sings with swagger on “Speak on It" the lead track from his latest release "I’m From the Future"

The St. Louis-based rapper earns that swagger with every track on the mixtape. He pushes hip-hop forward by respecting the past. It’s the latest from an artist who is living proof that you can adapt, evolve and expand and still get heads nodding. 

The world has taken notice. Daemon’s tracks have been featured everywhere, from Bernie Sanders walkouts (“Feel Good”) to Xbox Exclusives (“Turn the World Around” in Forza Horizon 5) to Netflix shows (Inventing Anna, Daybreak, Work It, Locke & Key) to ads (Mini Cooper and Sephora) to TBS shows (the Jordan Peele-produced The Last O.G.). Daemon has also collaborated with Killer Mike and Trackstar the DJ from Run the Jewels, DJ Shadow and more.



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