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Blooming artist. Welcome to our business. Want to know about us how we work ? Take a look below. We will answer all your questions.


Buy Instagram real followers, likes and comments, YouTube organic views through YouTube Ads and Google Ads, Spotify and SoundCloud plays and Followers from The Artist Promotion and grow an organic audience online and get more exposure. We are the most cost-efficient service with promotion campaigns to grow your streams, followers, likes and monthly listeners.

We know how promotion works, we know how the big labels boost their numbers to hit the charts. We work to help artists (whether upcoming or established) promote their tracks and grow their following. We understand how different platforms work and how different they are from each other and how difficult it can get for artists to drive exposure to their catalog. We solve this problem through our promotion campaigns.

With Artist Promotion, results are guaranteed; campaigns will keep running until the targeted results/numbers have been reached. 



  • Various large music engagement groups. (Check our FAQs for more info on this)

  • Email blasts to millions of music listeners based on the artist's genre.

  • Advertisement through ads on multiple platforms.

Why should I buy Views, Likes, Streams or Followers?

With a lot of artists online, it can be really difficult to cut through the clutter without having a huge financial budget behind you. When you buy from reputable sources like us, we get your music heard by real music listeners for a very cost efficient fee. The more numbers your tracks gain through our promotions, the more it attracts other organic listeners outside our network. This is the best way to kickstart your career and grow your numbers.


How are streams/followers being driven to artist accounts?
With 5 years of experience under our belt, we have perfected the only proven and most effective methods to drive traffic to your content; Music Engagement Groups. We can confidently say we run the biggest music engagement groups, which we utilize to ensure maximum engagement and guaranteed results. No other service has access to engagement groups like ours and this is what separates us from the rest.


What are Engagement Groups?
Engagement groups are online groups with real members who reciprocate actions for each other in order to reach a goal. This is the only proven way to get real Spotify plays/followers with very little financial budget. We run all our engagement groups with large number of members, and no other service has access to this kind of reach.


Are these streams/followers real? Are they safe?
Yes they are real and absolutely safe! One of our main promotion methods are through our various large engagement groups, similar to Instagram engagement groups. We utilize them to ensure that only real streams/followers are being driven to the artist’s account. Do not jeopardize your account by using other services offering cheap and plays and streams which are not real. Let’s be honest; without engagement groups, no one can drive real streams to your tracks using very little budget.


Are plays/followers guaranteed?
Yes! Promotion campaigns will keep running until we hit the desired number of plays or followers.


When will my campaign start?
We will need up to 1 day to get the campaign set up. Once the campaign has been kicked off, results will show in the next 2 days depending on how long it take the Spotify stats to update. If after making a purchase and you do not receive an email from us immediately, please do not panic. We will surely email you to confirm that you placed the order. There is no automation involved in sending out our emails, as we have actual people who handle these campaigns and personally send out emails. Due to this, we may not be able to send out order confirmation emails immediately after you make a purchase, but we will surely do so.

I want to run a bigger campaign or customized campaign
For bigger campaigns, contact us at

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