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Meet Black Boy King Musician/Artist

The Black Boy King is a hip hop artist from Dallas, TX by way of Las Vegas, NV. From being homeless to driving foreign cars, eating Ramen Noodles to living in luxury, this Tropicana Ave MC brings his life experiences to your ears over diverse beats. Kingdom House Records' very own Black Boy King’s dedication is purely to telling his story and the Black experience through personal experiences. He has produced hard hitting tracks that balance political powder kegs, audacious floss raps, complementary beat production and honest to God inspiration. King puts racism and inequality right into the listener’s ear. He defines it in different ways and perspectives. If you take his lyrics to heart, you may learn something. Check out the latest single "Eat It Up" out now on all streaming platforms.

I lived in many places as a kid as the youngest of two to a single mom. We lived in crime riddle neighborhoods of Whitely and the Condon Gardens Projects, I spent most of my youth on Tropicana Ave in Las Vegas. My mom was a product of the civil rights movement and was an active member fighting for change, so we moved around a lot and met a lot of different types of people. Las Vegas is Sin City so you see all kinds of things going down and it’s just normalized. I remember walking to school on Tropicana Ave and having to ride the bus because my family was poor. I remember being clowned because I didn’t have the latest fashions or shoes. I had to borrow my brother's hand-me-downs and sometimes wear clothes twice because we didn’t have enough to do the laundry. And we were living in hotels, out of the car, office building, you name it. It was a major struggle. Then my mom got sick, things got worse. And when my brother was old enough he had to drop everything and work a job. Seeing my brother step up like that gave me a lot of motivation and clarity to my life. I had to get mine too. As a teen, I got involved in pretty much everything you could think of that got somebody a case. If it wasn’t for the opportunity to play football out of state, who knows what would’ve happened.

My upbringing is important to me and has made me who I am because without that struggle, I wouldn’t have appreciation. I wouldn’t appreciate the blessings I have today. And I say blessings because although I worked extremely hard for them, it was at God’s will that it happened. My life of sin transformed me because it allowed me to be introduced to the creator and to begin serving Him. According to the prophecy. Because of my mom’s involvement with the Black Panthers and the Democratic Party then later the Rainbow Coalition, I already had a strong sense of personal pride, which gave me faith in my abilities, but my connection to God grew with me substantially. It made me recognize why we struggled and why we are the way we are as people. It explained a lot of the questions I had about life. I used to wonder how other people got their money, or what I would do with money if I got it. Then as I got older, it happened. Everything that I wanted in my life began coming to me, money, cars, clothes, access, etc. I’ve been extremely blessed to live the life I’ve lived and been able to do the things I’ve wanted to do. Driving the cars I dreamt of driving, wearing the clothes, visiting the countries and living in the places that I had in my head while riding in the back of the bus going down Tropicana Ave.

As an artist what sets me apart from others is that I’m original and I lived my raps. I’m speaking from experience in my way. You’ll find many regional influences in my music because of the places I lived. You’ll hear about things I’ve really done. Not every artist can say that. They are more or less putting their dreams out there. But they haven’t lived it. I’m most proud of having my music played on FM radio. It’s not easy as an independent artist. As an artist without ties to a label it was a great thing for me. Some of the challenges we face as independent artists is we carry the cost for everything, recording the song, producing it, promoting it. That’s what makes me excited for my next releases.

I am a man who got everything he ever had out of the mud. I’m a man of principles, who tries to keep them to the best of his abilities. And I’m humble enough to know what I don’t know. I’m a man who knows who he is. I put that into my music and share my life experiences. I appreciate everyone who supports me.


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