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Spotify is a Swedish audio streaming and media services provider founded in 2006 by Daniel Ek. Spotify is the most popular streaming platform.

It is the largest platform with over 356 million monthly active users.

Everyday 60000 songs being uploaded to Spotify.

Streaming is taking over, and every artist wants a slice of the action. But how do you get your music featured? How can you use Spotify for Artists to your advantage? One of the things artists ask the most is 'How do I get more Spotify streams?'

If you are making good music, why aren't more people finding you on Spotify and streaming your tracks?

Imagine what it would feel like if you woke up the day after your music release and you'd already hit a few thousands streams and the streams are steadily rolling in. This article will show you the ways to get more Spotify streams and make this a reality.


We can never say it enough. It’s important to maintain the link with your fans and keep them updated with news and content that reveals your personality

Promoting these special playlists and new tracks on your various social networks is a great way to stay dynamic, engage your community and drive traffic to your Spotify profile. It’s also essential because Spotify’s algorithms monitor your activity. So it’s imperative to engage your community to follow to your Spotify profile. The best way to attract new listeners is to feed your profile with exclusive content (including remixes, covers, featuring, live versions and more). Any activity is good to relay on your streaming platforms because active users with high-performance streams are more likely to have their music placed in prominent playlists. Also, the more streams and listeners you have, the more you appear in searches and custom playlists.

You can direct people from Instagram or Facebook to Spotify to stream your music by sharing on these platforms. You can make a short promo video or logos to grab people's attention, attach your Spotify link with this and make them want to swipe up, or watch a little more.

The idea is simple : you want to encourage people to stream the song without actually asking them explicitly to do so. This way, it appears to be their decision, to listen to your music.


Spotify playlists are one of the newer ways to gain track exposure for artists and record labels. Used intelligently and the play count and following will soon start ranking up. Spotify will do all of the meaningful promotion for you, and a good playlist will pick up thousands of followers without you doing any legwork.

Choose a unique name and don't change that name.

Add eye catching cover art, a great cover image will convince people that your list is great before they hear it.

Listen to your own playlist often.

Understand your target audience and make playlist according to their choice, or focus on a mix of genres with a similar vibe or emotion. Anything that makes your playlist more specific will help you.

Keep updating your playlist and don't take more than 3-4 songs of one artist.

Share your playlist on other social media platforms.


You should always get your Spotify profile verified. Most Spotify playlist curators will be much more disposed to include you in their playlists if your artist profile is verified. To do this, you’ll need to have 250 followers. Then you can consummate a Spotify Verification Request form to get your profile verified. To growth the number of followers, you must push your Spotify account and share your tracks using social media.


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